South east Corfu

The South East of Corfu the perfect spot on the island for a holiday, whenever you choose to visit. At the start and end of the summer season the weather is perfect for hiking or cycling to the nearby villages located high above sea level. Wild flowers are abundant in the lush olive groves and the magical fireflys light the evening sky. Lake Korrision is a unique spot for bird watchers and lovers of wildlife and nature. In the heat of the summer the area is still remarkably green, due to the abundant rainfall in the winter months, but this is the time for enjoying the beach life just swimming and snorkelling in the clear Ionian Sea.

Ionian Sea

Messonghi is on the east of the island and the calm waters of the Ionian Sea add to its relaxed vibe. The sea here is clear and clean and without a strong current. The sea gradually deepens making it safe for all. Small fish dart in and out of the clumps of seaweed perfect for snorkelling. The mainland of Greece can be seen in the distance, where in the early months of the season snow can still be seen on the mountains.

Messonghi Beach

Messonghi Village has been a holiday destination for at least forty years, well known for its friendly and welcoming hosts and has everything that is needed to make your stay on Corfu perfect. The beach is shingle and the sea is shallow without any strong current. Well stocked supermarkets and a bakery, local artists selling their creations and of course an excellent choice of tavernas and beach side restaurants serving traditional Greek and international dishes. Several chilled bars ideal for your pre dinner drink or post dinner cocktail. A frequent and reliable bus service to Corfu Town and resorts between make Messonghi a great base for exploring the island.

Historical Value

The South of Corfu is steeped in history. Roman baths are to be discovered in the most unlikely places! As a base for exploring the island by car, close to Messonghi the ruins of an important medieval castle and a Catholic monastery can be found. Travelling 15 minutes north, located above Benitses the Achillion Palace sits in beautifully manicured gardens surrounded by sculptures that pay homage to the Greek hero Achillies. Heading west, a traditional olive press operates, using a process long discarded, but producing wonderful oil.

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